August 5th & 6th  | One World Beat

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“The Ceremonial” has always been an event that has brought Native American & Indigenous Peoples together. A century ago, tribal people planned to be in Gallup and prepared the family for the journey. Upon arrival they headed for their particular annual camping spot, always the same one so family and friends could find them, set up camp, visited and looked for friends. They travelled from all directions to be amongst each other to trade, see old friends, make new friends, compete in races, share songs & dances, & just laugh with each other!  They were Together As One - Together As Native People!

August 5th & 6th 

1p - Gates Open
Artisan Market, Demonstrations, Four Winds Stage | Cultural Connections, Tribal Royalty Meet & Greet, Food Vendors

7p - “One World Beat”
“One World Beat” is a show within the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial events beginning with an Intertribal Procession of Native American & Indigenous peoples led in by Pueblo Eagle Dancers, and will segue way into an “indigenous variety” show on a full production stage.  This year’s event will be featuring performances from:

Friday, August 5th:

Pamyua who will perform a fusion of traditional Yup’ik and African-American rhythms to create “Inuit Soul” music. Pamyua: Yup’ik, is also known for creating the popular theme song for PBS Kids show “Molly of Denali.”

Saturday, August 6th:


1:00      Black Eagle Dance Group 

1:30      Bear Necklace Dance Group

2:00      Cellicion Zuni Dancers

2:30      Haka: Maori Cultural Experience

3:00      Navajo Song & Dance

3:30      Serpent Trail Dance Group

4:00      Hopi Hooyapi

4:30      Pamyua

5:00      Diamond Creek Crown Dancers


6:00    Group Photo 


7:00 HAKA: Māori Cultural Experience from Aotearoa, New Zealand will enchant the audience with an emotional and powerful range of compositions, from chants and choral singing to graceful action songs and war dances.


Download the One World Beat Flyer

Flyer - One World Beat