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Educational Relevance of “Spirit of the Ceremonial” 

  • Celebration of rich and diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and histories
  • Educate and raise awareness of the general public about Tribe’s histories and contributions
  • Historical and Present-day cultural legacy, resilience, and prosperity of Native American Tribes
  • Culturally authentic and appropriate representation 


  • Native American History & Traditions
  • Native American Contemporary representation
  • Diversity Native American Tribes and Indigenous Tribes
  • Includes Native American perspective
  • Songs & Dances of Native American & Indigenous Peoples
  • Native American Arts
  • New Mexico History
  • Native American Role Models (Traditional and Contemporary)
  • Songs and Dances: Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, Alaskan, Māori
  • Native American Event (historical to present day)
  • City of Gallup Traders history & role
  • Geographical Map References
  • Authentic Native American/Indigenous music throughout film
  • Native American/Indigenous Language representation
Watch Spirit of The Ceremonial (click here)

Educational Resource