Little Miss Ceremonial Princess Pageant Contestants!

Pageant queen

2022-2023 Little Miss Ceremonial

Aurora Peyketewa



ICO Queen

Left to Right: Ahren Daye, Reece Paisley Garcia – 1st Runner Up , Mya Morez (2019-2021 Little Miss Ceremonial), Aurora Peyketewa - 2022-2023 Little Miss Ceremonial, Snowflake Marlene Blackwell 


2019-2021 LMC Mya Morez

2019-2021 Little Miss Ceremonial Mya Morez


A fun event for Native American girls! Our “Little Miss Ceremonial” Princess helps our “Ceremonial Queen” promote awareness of this historical & present day Native American event - the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial and is a representative of Native American & Indigenous youth!