Since 1922, the leadership and community of the City of Gallup and Native American Tribes have combined their efforts and resources to annually organize the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial. Since then, many of their descendants continue to support and contribute from their hearts to preserve and maintain this special and unique event. This generational support is unique to The Ceremonial. Long ago t their contributions began with volunteerism, sharing meals, providing water and hay for visitors' livestock, gift baskets of flour, salt, and fruit for visiting tribal groups, and livestock for the rodeos and parades. In the early days, as The Ceremonial attendee’s began to arrive, they would camp in the same area annually so their friends could easily find each other - this was the begging of the "Ceremonial Family". It is through these community and intertribal connections that The Ceremonial flourished and many looked forward to the annual gathering. As the event continued to grow, it’s resilience strengthened, allowing it to weather its share of challenges over the test of time. With the approach of the Centennial Celebration next year, this support remains vital to its continued existence continues to foster community both locally and through Intertribal relations. This is the "Spirit of the Ceremonial".

We appreciate sponsors for their dedication and generous contributions to the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial. Sponsors are the momentum that create an extraordinary event, lifelong memories, heartfelt moments, while simultaneously supporting the preservation of Native American and Indigenous culture. Connecting through nearly a century of The Ceremonial, community, volunteers, singers and dancers, and audiences mutually benefit  from this celebratory event. Together we can continue to build upon the Ceremonial Legacy in hopes generations to come may enjoy visiting, sharing songs, dances, laughter, a meal just as our ancestors did.

Title Sponsor

A special thank you to the City of Gallup for serving as the 2021 title sponsor for The Ceremonial.

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