Special Invitation to all Native American & Indigenous Peoples 
to join the opening of each One World Beat Show as part of the Tribal Procession

“The Ceremonial” has always been an event that has brought Native American & Indigenous Peoples together and this special segment has been created as a tribute to the resilience of Native American & Indigenous Peoples. Long ago, many of our relatives gathered their harvest & livestock, made new clothing, and travelled from all directions to be amongst each other to trade, see old friends, make new friends, compete in races, share songs & dances, & just laugh with each other! 

They were Together As One Together As Native People! 

Online Registration Form – Tribal Procession Participation
PDF Registration Form – Tribal Procession Participation

Registration Deadline: July 29, 2022

One World Beat is produced by the Intertribal Ceremonial Office and will begin by Eagle Dancers leading in the Tribal Procession of Native American & Indigenous peoples, after all are in the arena, there will be an “indigenous variety show” on a full production stage with hosts. Those participating in the Tribal Procession will receive free admission! In additional participants will have arena “floor” access and may bring their chairs and choose a spot to enjoy the show with their family and friends!

You may walk in with your Tribe or choose the Intertribal Section (or other)

- August 5th or 6th or both days
- 1 Free Admission per Participant for the day they are participating.
- You may participate one or both days
- All ages allowed; minors will need to be accompanied by an adult
- Traditional Clothing/Regalia required (No t-shirts with logos, inappropriate jeans or sneakers)
- There will be a backstage area
- Participants Arena Seating Area. Please bring your chairs, there will be a designated area to watch the show after the Tribal Procession.
- There will be water and you may bring your own snacks. 


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